"Flower boy" is an exploratory docu-game offering an examination of events and emotions that usually remain intrinsically personal. Inspired by the period of confessional art of the 1990s, the narrative of the game focuses on existential angst; the fundamental realisation about one's existence; that you can become lost and forgotten; that you can lose yourself; that you can become nothing; that you don't belong anywhere. The game makes extreme references to personal abandonment and character's own struggle with neurotic and violent emotions such as jealousy, fear, longing, and stress. The movement of the player affects the way the narratives are being told. This form of interactive storytelling allows players to contruct their own narrative through multiple combinations of positive and negative messages. The goal of the game is to make players more aware of their inner feelings and accept that they are part of their sense of self so that they know that they can control the way they perceive themselves and the world.